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Soru : T.c
Good afternoon I would like to consult by correspondence. Since I live far away and do not have the opportunity to come to consultation. Here are some questions that interest me: 1.if you have an interpreter so I could talk freely on the Russian language. 2.i have sinusitis can you do in the same time surgery and cure sinusitis 3. Hos Much the operation will cost 4.for hos meny days i have to fly to Istanbul . 5.can You describe in datail What is included in the cost of operation . Waiting for Your reply
Cevap : Hüseyin Altun
Hello, Sinus surgery can be done at the same time. Operation costs 2500 USD. 1 week for the surgery is enough. Price includes surgery, 1 day hospital stay, drugs and meical instruments and 1-year followup. Sincerely
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